Order form.

Please fill out the order form completely (or print PDF and fill out manually). After placing the order you will receive a confirmation email in which you will find the form and, if applicable, the UPS shipping bill to print.

You can ship the filter yourself or use one of our UPS services (package pickup at your location or drop off the package at a UPS store). You will find this service in the order form under “Pickup / Shipping”.

Cleaning costs for all car filters

  • Base price diesel particulate filter 375 € / base price petrol catalytic converter € 210
  • Prices incl. VAT
  • incl. Express return on the next working day
  • incl. standard package insurance up to a maximum of 510€
Are you registered with us as a car workshop or partner workshop?
Then our workshop tariff will automatically be added to you when the filter is received. For your first order, please include your trade license or send it by email!

Billing address

Return address

Vehicle details

Bookable additional services

+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
+ 0€
Additional services are charged according to agreement and amount of work (1 AW= 5 min= 6,50 € gross)
Material costs for threaded sleeves + bushings are calculated according to size and number of pieces.

Collection / Shipping

no further costs

Parcel pick-up service with UPS

+ 0€
  • Same-day pick-up (Mon-Fri) if ordered by max. 2 p.m.
  • Pick-up period at least 3 hours (e.g. 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • Delivery to us on the next working day by 10.30 a.m.
  • You will receive the dispatch note by email immediately after placing the order. Please print out and stick on the package.
  • Package pick-up applies to car filters within Germany
  • For packages up to 30kg
  • Pick-up abroad on request
Please note that UPS will only make one pick-up attempt in the period specified by you.

favorable times are e.g .:
9 am-5pm
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
2.00-6.00 p.m.

Please pay attention to the package dimensions!(any additional costs that may arise can be determined using the girth calculator)
  • Girth up to 330 cm and longest side up to 150 cm: No additional costs
  • Girth up to 330 cm and longest side over 150 cm: Additional costs 15, - Euro net
  • Girth over 330 cm to max. 419 cm: additional costs 65, - Euro net
  • Insufficiently packaged parcels, e.g. only foil / paper = additional costs 15, - Euro net

Parcel label (for self-delivery at UPS Access Point)

+ 0€


Total cost

The total cost of the job is:

Submit order

Please wait
Cleaned filters from private customers will only be sent after receipt of payment.
Thank you for your order!
We have emailed you all the details to the address provided. It may take a few minutes for the email to reach you.

Manual download

Calculator girth

To calculate

The belt dimension must not exceed419cm.
The longest side must not exceed 179cm.

Cleaning costs for all
Car filters.

Are you registered with us as an automotive workshop or partner workshop? Then you will automatically be charged our workshop rate when you receive the filter. For your first order, please send us your trade license or send it by email!

  • Base prices: particulate filter 375€ / petrol catalytic converter 210€
  • Prices incl. VAT & parcel insurance
  • incl. express return shipping next business day
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