Particle filter cleaning for
construction, industrial & agricultural machinery.

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  • Daily cleaning cycle
  • Without chemistry & unraveling
  • Over 98% purity guarantee
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Save costs with professional particulate filter cleaning.

The cost of cleaning your filter is significantly less than the cost of a new particulate filter. Since soot filters require different amounts of effort to clean depending on their structure, size and weight, we will be happy to prepare a favorable cleaning offer for you.

We clean soot filters and catalytic converters of all construction, industrial & agricultural machinery.

Retain pollutants.

The increasingly stringent emission regulations and the anchoring in legislation have led to the fact that it is now essential to install soot filters even in construction, industrial and agricultural machinery in order to comply with the current limits. A diesel particulate filter retains hazardous pollutants and prevents these emissions from polluting the environment.

You can
rely on us.

Many years of experience.

Founded in 2000, the Barten family business cleans particulate filters and catalytic converters from all manufacturers.

Tested method.

The innovative and gentle cleaning process is regularly tested by TÜV-Rheinland.


We undergo annual certification in environmental and quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

High quality.

The filters are cleaned thermo-mechanically, and environmentally friendly in the closed state to 98% new value quality.

We clean your catalytic converter or diesel particulate
filter within 24h.

Your advantages of a
Particle filter cleaning.

Reduce costs.

Through our particle filter cleaning you can
Save yourself a costly new purchase

Increase performance.

After cleaning, the diesel particulate filter
has the properties of a new filter.

Protect the engine.

Our thermal-mechanical cleaning process cleans the particle filter gently and reliably.

Filter Cleaning Information
Construction, Industrial & Agricultural Machinery.

When should a filter be cleaned or how many operating hours does a filter last?

Many of our customers state a filter service life of between 3,000 and 5,000 operating hours (depending on the area of application/machine type also up to 11,000). However, running times of around 1,000 operating hours are not uncommon either. The condition of the add-on parts and any defects play a major role in loading the filters with soot and ash.” Defects in the engine periphery lead to increased soot formation, causing the DPF to reach maximum filling capacity more quickly!”

Especially at peak and busy times, a breakdown of a machine is associated with enormous problems and is a drama not only for contractors. It is advisable not to wait until filters reach their maximum filling level and the machine is paralyzed by a full DPF.

Why does a diesel particulate filter clog?

Depending on the running time, the particulate filters fill up with soot and ash and gradually clog the honeycomb structure. Just as in passenger cars, which have been equipped with particulate filters for many years, the self-regeneration or the initiated regeneration of the vehicle ensures that the soot particles burn off to form ash. Since ash takes up less volume than soot, the exhaust gas can continue to flow through the filter until it is filled to such an extent that even regeneration can no longer provide a remedy.

What are the consequences of a clogged particle filter?

If the DPF is clogged, even regeneration is pointless, because: Ash can not be burned further! The soot particle filter is full and the vehicle, if necessary, no longer operational. In contrast to passenger cars, the error message DPF is rarely shown in the display or an emergency program is initiated for these vehicle groups, but the engines simply do not start anymore or, in the worst case, go out during operation. A catastrophic chain of inconveniences now follows in order to get the vehicle operational again (towing / securing / diagnosis / troubleshooting / repair etc.) The full filter would now have to be replaced at great expense. Since new prices for original filters are often immensely high, the question arises for a cost-effective solution: “The professional DPF cleaning.”

“Does your vehicle have an additional external catalytic converter in addition to the DPF?

Please make sure to clarify this with your workshop, as this should also be cleaned

Although the catalytic converter does not clog like a DPF, the catalytic converter surface becomes covered with a layer of soot, which reduces the catalytic behavior or extends the reaction time of the catalytic converter. In addition, the accumulated soot may detach from the pre-installed external catalytic converter and thus contaminate the cleaned particulate filter again.

Error messages/problems can also occur, as the catalytic converter is monitored by a lambda sensor and, due to sooting, reports the error message “Efficiency below minimum” to the control unit, for example.

Can the DPF of my construction, industrial and agricultural machines also be cleaned?

We clean diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters from construction, industrial and agricultural machinery of all makes and models e.g. from:

Case, Steyr, Doosan, Jungheinrich, Liebherr, Linde, Lindner, Caterpillar, Sennebogen, Still, Claas , Fendt, Manitou, TCM, Hyundai , Toyota, Komatsu, Tailift, Wematik, Atlas, Siku, Iseki, Balarus, Holder, Kramer, Schaeff, Kalmar, Merlo, Volvo, Hako, Multicar, Citymaster, Kubota, Hansa, Palfinger, Dulevo, Stiega, Hyster, Yale, Kärcher, Schlüter, John Deere, Deutz, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Same, Lamborghini, Torro

What can I do myself?

Go below the interval specified by the manufacturer and use times in which the machine / vehicle is available for a professional cleaning of your filter. This way you can rely on the functionality of your DPF and SCR catalytic converter at peak times.

In this way you can even avoid costly consequential damage due to clogged filters and the consequences of exhaust gas backpressure in the engine. It is essential that you regularly service the AdBlue system, if present! If there is a defect here, this will lead to malfunctions in the entire exhaust system. Possible sources of failure are the injection nozzle, the Nox sensor, the control unit and the dosing unit, as well as the heating of the Adblue tank.

In the event of malfunctions/impaired function, the exhaust gases can no longer be optimally hydrolyzed (split) and the exhaust gas values deteriorate, which inevitably leads to consequential problems with the diesel particulate filter.

Damage to the turbocharger leads to a clogged DPF due to increased soot formation and a clogged DPF leads to possible damage to the turbocharger due to increased exhaust back pressure!

If you notice increased oil consumption you should definitely contact the mechanic of your choice. Because if action is taken early, expensive follow-up costs can be avoided!

Why are particulate filters also installed in agricultural machinery?

An increase in the number of diesel particulate filters installed can also be observed in the agricultural sector – but why?

The reason for this (as with passenger cars) is the tightening of European emissions regulations – known as Stage V. To comply with these regulations, the installation of a particulate filter is almost necessary.  Further information on the relevance of a DPF.

But here, too, it must be assumed that after a certain period of use (between 1,000-4000), the particulate filter will be so full of ash and soot that it will eventually clog.

This is where a coming challenge for farmers is already emerging. They need to find a solution to comply with emissions regulations that is gentle, efficient and at the same time economical – and this is where we come in with our solutions for particulate filter cleaning for construction, industrial and agricultural machinery.

What results can I expect?

By cleaning the particulate filter, you can achieve up to 98% new value quality.

In the course of cleaning the particulate filter, the catalytic converter should always be cleaned as well!

So that you can get a better picture of our performance for soot filter cleaning, we offer you a before / after comparison below.

Industriefilter Gabelstapler
Industriefilter Kehrmaschine
Advantages of particle filter cleaning of construction, industrial and agricultural machinery?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the professional cleaning of particle filters, we can offer you reliable solutions for cleaning the particle filters of your construction, industrial and agricultural machinery. Our goal is to provide you with a new particle filter for your construction, industrial and agricultural machinery within the shortest possible time. We have tailored our cleaning process to the cleaning of exceptional particulate filters, such as those used in construction, industrial and agricultural machinery, in order to achieve the best possible results without compromising the longevity of the particulate filter.

The cleaning of catalytic converters and particulate filters from construction, industrial and agricultural machinery usually takes between 2-3 working days. Afterwards you will receive back a thoroughly cleaned particle filter / catalytic converter with as good as new characteristics. This can reduce future failures to a minimum.  Likewise, the mere cleaning of the filter ensures an enormous cost saving compared to the costly purchase of a new filter.

Advantages at a glance:

Barten, a family-owned company founded in 2000, cost-effectively cleans diesel particulate filters & catalytic converters of all makes and models.
The innovative and gentle cleaning process has been tested by TÜV-Rheinland:
“In this series of tests, several new, cleaned and dirty filters were compared with each other. In the process, TÜV Rheinland determined that our cleaning process restores the flow behavior of cleaned filters to comparable quality of new filters. That is, filters cleaned by us are technically equivalent to new filters.”
In order to constantly maintain the highest level of quality standards in the diesel particulate filter cleaning process, Barten GmbH has its environmental and quality management certified annually by Dekra in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
Good to know: “Many manufacturers insist on cleaning in a certified company!”
The filters are cleaned thermo-mechanically, environmentally friendly, without chemicals and without any design changes in the closed state, to new value quality.
Fast and uncomplicated processing
Pick-up service and express shipping
Incl. test protocol, installation instructions and warranty!
Exchange program for entrepreneurs and manufacturers on!

We would also be happy to clean your soot particle filters for agricultural machinery – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do construction machines have a diesel particulate filter?

In the case of construction and agricultural machinery, the legal requirements for emissions and exhaust values also play a key role. As a result of European legislation and the introduction of exhaust stage V, diesel particulate filters must now also be installed in construction machinery. Otherwise, the required values can hardly be met.

However, the particulate filter also clogs here after a certain number of operating hours depending on the load range between 1000-4000 operating hours. (The reason for this is that the filter becomes increasingly clogged with ash, which eventually can no longer be burned independently, so that action is required. This is where we come in with our services for cleaning particle filters on construction machinery. After all, buying a new DPF is much more expensive than simply cleaning the DPF for construction and agricultural machinery. With our gentle DPF cleaning within 24 hours, we support your company in remaining competitive and complying with the prescribed standards. Feel free to contact us – we look forward to your inquiry about cleaning the diesel particulate filters of your construction machinery.

You too can benefit from our many years of experience in cleaning particle filters!

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