Quality and environmental policy

We, Barten GmbH, are engaged in the cleaning of soot particle filters from block-type thermal power stations and motor vehicles.

Our claim is to achieve high quality in our defined processes and to satisfy our customers. These are our primary corporate goals, which take into account the current and future needs of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

The increasing level of education and the resulting sensitization of people for the preservation of the environment for future generations contribute to the fact that the customer attaches more and more importance to an environmentally conscious execution of the works ordered. Our cleaning process protects the environment, reduces the amount of waste produced and saves energy during production.

In order to meet the growing demands and external influences, and for further quality improvement and assurance as well as environmental concerns, we, have adapted the existing QUM system to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We use this system to detect errors throughout the company, analyze their causes and prevent them from occurring by taking appropriate corrective or preventive measures. In this way, we are able to provide the customer with high-quality services on the product.

The environmental management system also gives us the legal security to limit high consequential costs caused by an environmental accident.

Our quality and environmental management manual defines all organizational and technical processes that have an impact on the quality of the products and the influence on the environment. The planning, control and monitoring of these activities are the responsibility of the management in cooperation with our management representative. Our organization ensures the optimal interaction of all quality and environment related activities and the continuous implementation of quality and environment related measures. The quality / environmental policy is constantly reviewed by the management with regard to its appropriateness and correctness. Together with the results of the annual evaluation of customer satisfaction, it provides the basis for setting goals for continuous system improvement.


Through our conduct and daily performance, we aim to gain and maintain trust and recognition among our customers and partners.


The careful use of resources is imperative!


Preserving the environment for future generations is a primary goal!


Quality agreements with our customers / partners are binding for us.


Adherence to deadlines and flexibility have a high priority.


Our team ensures competent service quality.


We handle products and information provided by customers with care.


At regular intervals, we review our performance and set ourselves new goals. We want to improve continuously.


We value order, cleanliness and high quality!


Waste prevention is the primary task of every employee!


We evaluate risks and possible opportunities of our defined interested parties for mutual understanding and to ensure stable process flows.


Compliance with the relevant environmental laws!


Continuous improvement of environmental performance through monitoring and prevention!


Systematic improvement of our cleaning methods with low environmental impact!


Efficient use of natural resources.


Commitment and responsibility of our team to environmentally friendly behavior!

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