DPF cleaning for
Passenger cars & vans.

  • No appointment
  • Daily cleaning cycle
  • Without chemistry & unraveling
  • Over 98% purity guarantee
  • Detailed test protocol
  • Pickup & Express Shipping

The particle filter of your car is clogged?

We clean dirty soot filters quickly, reliably and safely! With professional diesel particulate filter cleaning, we offer you a cost-effective alternative to replacement. While a new DPF purchase is often associated with high costs (up to 3000,- Euro), the complete cleaning of your particulate filter can be implemented by us for 375,- Euro!

You have a workshop? Then you too can benefit from our special conditions!
In our contact form you can easily upload your trade license and request your individual workshop price.

We clean particulate filters and catalytic converters of all models and fuel types.


DPF cleaning at new value quality.

Competence, reliability and thoroughness are indispensable components of our company philosophy and working methods. We clean diesel particulate filters, gasoline particulate filters and catalytic converters of all manufacturers thermo-mechanically and burn the filters in the closed state, without unraveling and without chemicals free!

TÜV-tested with 98% cleaning performance at new value quality. You can rely on us! We stand for this with our “without ifs and buts * guarantees”.

You can
rely on us.

Many years of experience.

Founded in 2000, the Barten family business cleans particulate filters and catalytic converters from all manufacturers.

Tested method.

The innovative and gentle cleaning process is regularly tested by TÜV-Rheinland.


We undergo annual certification in environmental and quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

High quality.

The filters are cleaned thermo-mechanically, and environmentally friendly in the closed state to 98% new value quality.

We clean your catalytic converter or diesel particulate
filter within 24h.

Your advantages of a
Particle filter cleaning.

Reduce costs.

Through our particle filter cleaning you can
Save yourself a costly new purchase

Increase performance.

After cleaning, the diesel particulate filter
has the properties of a new filter.

Protect the engine.

Our thermal-mechanical cleaning process cleans the particle filter gently and reliably.

Information on the cleaning of
diesel particulate filters.

Why should I have my diesel particulate filter cleaned?

DPF cleaning to save costs

By means of our professional diesel particulate filter cleaning, we offer you a much more cost-effective alternative to replacement. We clean dirty soot filters quickly, reliably and safely!

While a new DPF purchase is often associated with high costs (up to 3000, – Euro), the complete particle filter cleaning can be implemented at Barten GmbH for 375, – Euro!

Thus a particle filter provides for smaller duties with the KFZ tax. Especially in environmental zones, driving a car without a particulate filter is almost impossible, since vehicles without a soot filter have no chance of getting a green sticker.

In the long term, regular and professional cleaning also pays off in terms of the driving costs incurred. This is because the more soot and ash are deposited, the more the exhaust backpressure increases. Higher fuel consumption results from the increasingly frequent self-regeneration of the vehicle. In any case, the filter should be cleaned at regular intervals.

In addition, a cleaned particulate filter contributes to an increase in value when selling the car.


DPF cleaning to protect the engine

If you do not have your diesel particulate filter cleaned in time, it can become clogged and even irreparably damaged.

The attached parts of the engine can also be damaged by a clogged DPF. Then the costs skyrocket and a trip to the workshop is unavoidable.

Especially if the exhaust gases can no longer flow freely through the DPF, costly damage to the turbocharger/engine quickly occurs.

Due to the permanently increasing exhaust backpressure behind the turbine wheel, the turbocharger shaft is extremely stressed and damage can occur to the axial bearing and compressor wheel.

The turbocharger does not come up to speed due to the clogged DPF (normal is up to 180 thousand revolutions per min., depending on model and type). This results in an unfavorable fuel/air mixture, creating even more soot and ash. In addition, the high backpressure can result in an increased engine oil level (as unburned diesel is forced past the piston rings into the oil sump).

The diluted engine oil can eventually cause capital engine damage (lubricant film breakage).


DPF cleaning to protect the environment and health

One of the reasons for the much-discussed global warming is clearly the increase in CO2 pollution. In order to counteract the developments of global warming, regulations and limit values are increasingly being tightened. Especially for traffic in large cities, the limits have been reduced in order to reduce the health hazards posed by unpurified exhaust gases.

Having the diesel particulate filter professionally cleaned at regular intervals therefore has the effect of protecting our environment in many ways.

A clean, free, diesel particulate filter reduces exhaust emissions and ensures harmless levels of particulate matter.

In this way, resources are conserved through the reprocessing or reuse of the particulate filter. This means that no new particulate filters have to be manufactured and then coated, saving valuable material and energy.

Furthermore, a cleaned diesel particulate filter helps to reliably comply with particulate limits, which in turn can noticeably reduce CO2 pollution. Soot from diesel engines, for example, is now blamed for five percent of cancers of the upper respiratory tract.

Every particulate filter that is used or cleaned up therefore makes a small contribution to the preservation of our environment and our living space.

What is our diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning process?
  1. Removal: Have your diesel particulate filter and, if present, the pre-installed external catalytic converter removed and the attachments removed.
  2. Fill out form: Please fill out our order form and include a printed copy with your package for proper filter assignment.
  3. Send filters: The easiest shipping option is with our UPS package pickup service. You can select this on the order form.
  4. Cleaning: Generally we need about 1-3 business days for cleaning, but on average 80% of filters are cleaned within 24 hours.
  5. Return shipment: After cleaning and receipt of payment (private customers), we will send your filter back to you together with an inspection report and installation instructions. Express delivery is included in the price.
  6. Installation: The installation and removal of a diesel particulate filter is complex and should be done in a workshop. Be sure to follow the installation instructions and check the vehicle for sources of error.
Why should I have the cleaning done at Barten?

With us you benefit from many years of experience in the cleaning of particle filters

“In the industry of diesel particulate filter cleaning, we have made a name for ourselves since 2000 in many years of proven cleaning work and can completely clean all diesel particulate filters (DPF), particulate filters, SCR catalytic converters as well as OXI catalytic converters for you at a reasonable price.”

The total cost for cleaning is €375, including return shipping and VAT. If additional catalytic converter cleaning is necessary, you can also have this done for an additional cost of €50.

Tip from the expert:

Be sure to have the catalytic converter cleaned as well!

To ensure effective exhaust gas aftertreatment and avoid reloading of the particulate filter by upstream soot from the pre-catalyst / external catalyst.

You can rely on us!

  • The innovative and gentle cleaning process has been tested by TÜV-Rheinland:
  • “In this series of tests, several new, cleaned and soiled filters were compared with each other. Here, TÜV Rheinland determined that our cleaning process restores the flow behavior of cleaned filters to comparable quality of new filters. That is, filters cleaned by us are technically equivalent to new filters.”
  • In order to keep the quality standards in the diesel particulate filter cleaning process constantly at the highest level, Barten GmbH has itself certified annually in environmental and quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by Dekra.
  • Good to know: “Many manufacturers insist on cleaning at a certified facility!”
  • The filters are cleaned thermo-mechanically, environmentally friendly and without any design changes in the closed state and without chemicals, to new value quality.
  • Fast and uncomplicated processing
  • Cleaning without prior appointment and without waiting time due to daily firing processes.
  • Pickup service and express shipping
  • Incl. test report, installation instructions and warranty!
Can I have my full DPF cleaned without any problems?

A costly new DPF purchase is not necessary. Our solution: Turn old into new – because: new is not always better!

Through our reconditioning, you can continue to rely on your original diesel particulate filter. This ensures, in addition to optimal engine performance, that you can save up to 70% compared to a filter replacement.

Our gentle, thermal-mechanical cleaning process means that the filter or filter housing does not have to be opened, which prevents damage and ensures the durability of the individual components. Thus, with our cleaning no design changes are made to the DPF. Because this change would have the consequence that the operating license of the vehicle expires.

How much time the cleaning takes depends on the degree of contamination of the filter. On average, over 80% of filters are completely cleaned and fully functional again within the first 24 hours. But even heavily soiled filters are like new again after a maximum of three days.

After the successful diesel filter cleaning, you will have an almost new particulate filter again, which has the flow behavior of a new filter, but without the necessary expensive replacement.

What are the requirements for particle filter cleaning?

A prerequisite for cleaning is that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is in a technically
technically flawless conditiont.

  • The ceramic insert must not be broken, cracked or fused
  • The filter must not have deep dents, holes or rusting through

In addition, all sensors, pressure and temperature sensors must be removed for cleaning,
hoses, holders, clamps and other attachments must be removed for cleaning.
We accept no liability for attachments that have not been dismantled and cannot provide any
guarantee/reimbursement for the functionality of sensors removed by us!
give! In addition, additional costs may be incurred for the removal of sensors!

Please indicate in our order form any self-cleaning tests carried out or treatments with chemical additives.

What results can I expect?

Through DPF cleaning, you can achieve up to 98% new value quality. 

To give you a better idea of our diesel particulate filter cleaning performance, we offer a before / after comparison below.


DPF VW Crafter
DPF VW Passat
DPF Transporter
DPF Audi
DPF Keramikkern
DPF Ford Focus
DPF Opel
DPF Audi
How long does a cleaned filter last?

On the durability of the filter after DPF cleaning

The “durability” depends on the mileage, the DPF monolith (core) and the proper functioning of all engine attachments / wear parts (glow plug, EGR valve, coolant thermostat, sensors, turbocharger, etc.).

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle for defective parts in the course of DPF cleaning, so that these sources of error (which, among other things, lead to increased soot formation and premature reloading) are eliminated. The DPF cleaning can, if the DPF is technically sound and in order, also be cleaned several times – i.e. the ceramics must not be damaged / show any ignitions.

What do I have to pay attention to after cleaning?

The installation and removal of a diesel particulate filter is complex and should be carried out in a workshop, as the sensors must be checked for functionality after the cleaned filter has been installed.

In addition, the engine electronics must be reset with regard to the diesel particulate filter. Simply deleting the error in the error memory is not sufficient here and can result in the diesel particulate filter causing errors again after a short time, making renewed cleaning necessary.

We provide our customers exclusively with our installation instructions. In it, you will find all the important information on resetting and a checklist of possible sources of error.

Can an aftermarket filter also be cleaned?

Since aftermarket filters do not have the same quality as an original filter, we clean them only without warranty and guarantee!

What are the costs if the filter is defective and cannot be cleaned?

No costs in case of failed particle filter cleaning

If you send us your DPF for cleaning, but it should be defective, you will not incur any costs for the assessment and testing of the DPF. You only bear the shipping costs. If the DPF can no longer be cleaned, the costly replacement is unfortunately usually unavoidable.

What does a defective particle filter look like?

This is what a defective filter ceramic looks like. At first glance, the adhesion/fusion or ignition of the individual honeycombs looks harmless. But the view inside the monolith speaks for itself. The individual channels are completely fused. Unfortunately, this filter can no longer be cleaned. Causes are maintenance backlog, defective engine parts and too frequent
regeneration of a full DPF with or without chemical additives.


You too can benefit from our many years of experience in cleaning particle filters!

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